“do you suffer?” PDF


Hand-Bound Poetry Book by Guinevere B.N. Yoseyva from 2019
52 Pages
Edition of 75

All copies of do you suffer? are Handmade (Self-printed and physically bound with archival materials by Guinevere Yoseyva), Editioned, and Signed, enjoy!

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PDF of do you suffer? a collection of poems by Guinevere Yoseyva, 2019
52 Pages
Not Editioned.

Summary: do you suffer? is an examination of Guinevere Yoseyva’s emotional journey led by free-flowing intuitive poems from 2018 – 2019. Self-described as their “most depressed year,” this poetry collection spans the depths of their psyche as they maneuver to define their emotional experience. As a young adult navigating living alone in a new city, this book invites you on a deep, yet relatable journey of inner death, rebirth, and growing into one’s own power.


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