New Year’s Eve 2020

I’ve been incredibly neurotic the past few days. I’m taking a bit of a weed break, and this lack of substance is forcing my introspection on a deeper level, and that generally causes me to go crazy. This isn’t to discount what I’ve been feeling, but I just want to put the whole thing into … Continue reading New Year’s Eve 2020

Love is all there is

“You don’t know how lucky you are to be loved” — Madeleine L’Engle Love. Long story short, love is the answer to all things. Love is that which conquers all evil. Pure, unwavering, unconditional love. Now let’s get to the long story.  Long, long ago, there were some men, two in particular I will speak … Continue reading Love is all there is

hello again

i’ve been gone for awhile from here. so much has been happening in my life and in the world that this platform disappeared from my consciousness, but I’m back. I just published three very old blog posts that i wrote in april, but needed to sit on. I’m glad they had their time to marinate, … Continue reading hello again


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