hello again

i’ve been gone for awhile from here. so much has been happening in my life and in the world that this platform disappeared from my consciousness, but I’m back. I just published three very old blog posts that i wrote in april, but needed to sit on. I’m glad they had their time to marinate, because it feels right to let them go now.

i’m currently in the middle of my third roadtrip. I’ll be seeing a friend for their birthday, but until then, i sit on my other friend’s couch thinking about how everything works out if you let it.

i’ve had my ups and downs since april, but here i am now to catch you and myself up again.

i was going to protests at the height of this wave. i had to pull myself back, as my workload began to pile and i needed to allow myself some energy. i feel some guilt for this. the problem is not solved. the police are still an institution, and until they are dismantled and the government forfeits their policy of control/power over concern/empathy, the problem will remain. my work here isn’t done, and i feel guilty for not being on the front lines as much as i used to be able to, but i will do the work i am able to do for the cause.

i had to stop going to protests as much because i was given the news that i would be able to open my first gallery show. before covid, it was supposed to open around march, but obviously had to be pushed back. i was unsure if/when i would ever be able to install the exhibit, but the time finally came.

the space was renovated before quarantine, so it was a brand new, clean, and empty. I was put in charge of moving back into the office/prep room. the result was non stop movement and lifting for that week.

i was put in charge of this move because right after i was done, i was to install my exhibition, which i did and is 97% complete! exhaustion has filled my bones and my soul is oozing with pride as i am now fulfilling what i know i need to do.

now i’m on the road again. back home and home and home.

the mountains were calling me and i missed them, kissing their feet as i walk up and up and up towards the smoke and clouds. they welcomed me home and gave me gifts as i left.


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