apr 26, 1.5g

The day before, I had the feeling like I should trip tomorrow (yesterday, now), and that’s exactly what I did. One whole creature amounting to exactly 1.5g. We all did it together, the house and I, but I think it hit me the hardest. I started to feel it pretty fast, and maybe that’s because I took so long to eat the damn thing. Mingling it with tangerines, it was much more bearable and easier to swallow. B tried it with lemon juice, they heard that it makes them less bitter. It worked, I guess, but it seemed like it mainly just distracted one taste and replaced it with another (lemon). But the tangerine mix was lovely and I think I’ll make regular use of them in the future.

It hit me pretty quickly. Watching cryptid animation at the start, I nixed this after the first couple videos as I needed to move. I remembered a list I made in Arizona this past winter of videos I wanted to watch while on acid. Realizing I hadn’t completed this or remembered that this list existed when I last did acid, I thought now would be the perfect time. I didn’t look at the list, but Gary Numan’s M.E. was on it, maybe the only thing on it, I still haven’t looked at the list. Regardless, I put a on Gary Numan concert, live in London, and then I started to really feel it. My body became filled with energy and the page I was drawing on while I waited for it to hit had to be put aside. I had to move. Gary Numan is a pretty bad singer and has way too big of an ego for who he is and what he does, still, I love him dearly. M.E. played and I knew I had made the right choice. As the YouTube autoplay went on, it continued into what must have been the very next part of the concert as the transition was seamless. It was perfect, the lighting of the concert and the gritty electronica was precicely what my body needed in that moment. I couldn’t stop moving. Mind you, I’m not a very good dancer or anything, but recently, I’ve come to accept this and move on, not letting it stop me from this much needed movement. I couldn’t’ stop dancing and when the energy finally lowered itself from all of this exertion, I could relax. I laid down on the grass in our living room and felt the world within me. Gary was still performing his weird little concert, and Cars starts playing. For whatever reason, I open my eyes and cannot stop laughing for the next 4 (or however long that song is) minutes. It’s the performance where he is driving all over the stage in that funky ass tiny car while he sings the hit. I couldn’t stop laughing. I would look away for a moment of relief only to open my eyes again to him still being in that car and I couldn’t stop losing my mind. Looking for it now, wanting to share it with you all, I couldn’t find it. Maybe it only exists for those special moments.

Anyway, some Prince came on, which required more dancing, obviously. Afterwards I needed more than anything to see the Dolly Parton I’m Gone music video, which if you haven’t seen, it is unbelievably and absurdly amazing. It brought so much joy to my heart in that moment that I was so happy that I thought to put it on.

After all of that music and dancing, I needed to get out of that house and into the world. The gorgeous day we were given was something I couldn’t waste. F and I went off. They engaged in their own silent disco, we turned right, and went down a street we had never been down before.

Exploring the neighborhood, a train passed us up above as we took photographs and watched the flowers. Waving to the train like a ship about to set sail in the 1800s, they waved back. Ducking through alleys, we found some beautiful flowers that I do not know the name of, but they were pink and white and lovely. A little kid came up to us on his little bike as we were admiring the flowers, telling us they were his. Being in the state that we were, we apologized for taking his flowers, but he just laughed, telling us he was just joking, and rode on with his friend.

Mother called to us. A gorgeous tree in the middle of a grassy field, empty, save for some trash strewn throughout the land. She called to us, and as we made our way towards her, F found a nose on the ground and gifted the blade to me. The tree found us and we felt blessed, laying under her arms. It was our time to leave, and we left her the flowers, that were not the child’s, at her feet.

As we were walking away, I saw that someone had stapled an ad for something that didn’t matter onto her back. Unable to leave at the sight of this, I had to tear this shit off. Just out of my reach, I jumped up to grab it, to tear it down. The nails which were stuck into her were deep and holding this board up for dear life. I jumped, I grabbed it, and with the help of F, I tore it down with great might. Dew and spider webs splashed on us with the release. I felt victorious and she thanked me.

We made our way home seeing a bunny in another empty lot on the journey back.


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