let’s bash

i think this quarantine has made people more compassionate. i hope i’m not reaching, but i feel like as though this lack of socialization has made any interaction on the street feel like seeing your close friend.

i met one of my upstairs neighbors today. i don’t remember his name, but he works at a baking company and said that i was probably a better cook than he is. for some reason, i agreed.

some of our other neighbors had a barbecue the other day. not very socially distanced of them, but it made me happy to see people coming together.

i hope the waves and friendly greetings don’t cease once this whole lock down is over. i hope this whole things brings forth a new level of community solidarity and brotherhood that we so desperately need. i hope this forces people to realize love is the most important thing and that your neighbors aren’t your enemy. i hope i hope i hope something good comes from this, and i pray that we are not forced apart further than before.

also, man, i want to rave.


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