it’s gorgeous out today

i forced myself awake around 12:40 pm. my circadian rhythm has been absolutely destroyed. my now regular bedtime of after 4 am has gotten me used to falling asleep to the birds chirping their songs of the morning. my body begs me to sleep in, deep into the afternoon, but i have a schedule to uphold and an alarm set for 1:40 pm.

working remotely is a strange phenomenon. i have a regular schedule 2 pm – 5 pm, monday – friday. at first, i was annoyed at having to set a concrete schedule just to continue to sit in my house and do research, but i’ve become grateful for it. not only do i have the privilege of keeping my job during the craziness of pandemic, but it’s forcing me to get out of bed before the sun sets.

as i looked down the hallway towards the kitchen, i could see the sunshine pouring into our home, reminding me that the world is still in tact. i sat on the steps outside of my house while i sipped my coffee and checked in on my dad, basking in the light. one of the feral cats that visits us avoided me, but seemed to be having fun rubbing around on the surrounding concrete.

now, i’m listening to a livestream festival hosted by Honeymoon Suite, while the other feral cat sings for attention outside of our window and my roommates play animal crossing.

a few last words while i’m here: check in on your loved ones, don’t stockpile, stay inside, take a walk in nature (away from people), make art, try to give yourself some sort of routine, help those who don’t have the resources you may have (donate to those who have lost their jobs/gigs, those who are immunocompromised or are in need of medications they may no longer be able to afford), become more eco-friendly (i recently bought really cute, reusable, high absorbency rags to replace paper towels), and try to buy what you can from small businesses/local restaurants!!!!

till next time


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